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Review: Love & Air Sex

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love-air-sexAustin, Texas is the setting for “Love & Air Sex,” a cockeyed, if not screwball comedy from Bryan Poyser, the director of likable, sometimes abrasive small movies like “Lovers Of Hate” (2010) and “Dear Pillow” (2005). But however much based on fact or fate, David DeGrow Shotwell’s screenplay premise about two estranged couples whose lives intersect through the agency of a karaoke-like competition called “Air Sex,” has a readily alienating inauthentic. There are bawdy instants and good, low-t0-the-ground location work—the filmmakers wouldn’t use any public place that wouldn’t allow their real name to be used—the very setup itches and nags even when sparks of genuine charm trickle onto the screen. And the “hump-offs” themselves? Waiter? Yes. Check? Please? Now? “Love & Air Sex” debuted at SXSW 2013 as “The Bounceback.” With Michael Stahl-David, Ashley Bell, Zach Cregger, Sara Paxton. 91m. (Ray Pride)

“Love & Air Sex” opens Friday, March 21 at Facets. Poyser will appear after showings Friday 7pm & 9pm and Saturday 7pm. There may also be live demonstrations.

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